Travel tips for co-ownership and comfort

Suppose you are planning a long-awaited vacation or a necessary business trip, and are eager to get on the road; First, knowing what to take to avoid overloading your carry-on luggage, and a bag for registration will give you the necessary peace of mind and a bit of peace of mind.

Make your own travellist before putting something in your bags, something you should have with you in case you are in the designated place, but your registration will not take place. If you travel a lot, this has happened at least once.

Do not be alarmed by the length of the list that follows, prevention is always better than cure, and reminders of what we may consider necessary or not, choose between them: make your personal lists for your convenience and comfort along the way

– Basic travel concepts: reading pleasure, chewing gum, breathing mint, snacks, bottled water, earplugs, sleeping pills and travel pillows, dizziness pills, sleeping pills / anxiety medications, moisturizer / towels, carrier / solution for contact lenses, steam socks, a light sweater or a jacket.

– Travel funds: wallet, cash, credit cards, ATM, traveler’s checks.

– Travel information: passport / visa, driver’s license / insurance card, route, maps / routes, travel / confirmation tickets, travel tickets, travel guides / instructions.

Travel tips for co-ownership and comfort

– Travel documents: copies of credit cards, passports, ticket information, credit card contact information, emergency contact information, a list of phone numbers in case your mobile phone loses energy or contact, history doctor, medication list / travel insurance prescription information, copy of driver’s license / insurance card.

Copies are very important in case of loss or theft of your wallet or documents. Keep copies in a separate place.

– Travel bags: backpack / day bag, wallets, folding bag, money belt, shoulder straps for bags, plastic bags of different sizes.

– Laundry service: bag / laundry set with stain remover, sewing kit, iron or water bath.

– Miscellaneous: umbrellas, house / car keys, locker keys, luggage tags, gifts for guests, a magazine, sports equipment.

– Contact lists: addresses, important phone numbers, calendar, business cards, business cards.

– Travel assistance technology: cell phone / charger, PDA / charger, laptop / charger, camera / charger, movie, music / iPod, voltage adapters, flashlight, various batteries, binoculars, travel alarm clock.

– Work related: documents, reading materials, stationery, notebooks.

The best plans generally include unwanted side effects, a change in time zones, lost connections, weather, indigestion, anything old that distracts you from the thrill of traveling and enjoying. Drink plenty of water, eat a little: food seems more difficult to digest in the air or in water, get up and stretch, if possible, dress comfortably. Air traffic, regardless of the season, may require a light jacket or sweater due to atmospheric changes and air conditioning.

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