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Lawyers are not finding it as easy as it used to be when looking for a suitable job. There are simply a lot of university graduates in the legal system and the competition is therefore very high, especially in large law firms and in the public sector. And once you’ve made it into the job, the pressure doesn’t decrease. Very good final grades are one thing, but passing the day-to-day work of a lawyer is another. Since deadlines cannot be set according to personal preference, overtime and work weeks of 70 to 80 hours are already common during the internship. The legal job provides a varied field of work. You deal with different issues every day and find yourself in a wide variety of situations that make you laugh or cry.


ALU Law School

Depending on which area of ​​accredited law schools in California you choose, you may have more or less contact with the court. For example, as a financial adviser and bankruptcy advisor, you have more of an advisory role and do not conduct defences. If you decide to become a lawyer during your studies and know exactly which area you want to work in, you can specialize as a student. There’s no question that your early determination will also look good on your resume. It used to be quite common for one lawyer to be responsible for all areas of law. Nowadays, however, there are a variety of specialization opportunities after studying law, such as a lawyer, public prosecutor, judge, or even notary.

So if you decide to become a specialist lawyer in a specific field, such as criminal law, after you graduate, you must take courses and pass exams so that you are also well versed in this industry. You only have the right to call yourself a specialist lawyer if you have acquired these additional qualifications and continue to educate yourself regularly.

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