How to select the best type of solenoid valves?

If you are using manual actuators, then you have to consider buying solenoid valves to improve the efficiency and safety of your operation. A solenoid valve is also known as an electrically-operated valve. In which it removes the need for manual operation. The elektrozawory works by using an electromagnetic coil to open and close the valve. If you are looking to buy a new solenoid valve, then you might be confused with the different models of solenoid valves on the market. Here are some few factors that help you to find the best type of solenoid valve.

Type of medium:   

Solenoid valves in the market are made up of different material. It can be steel, plastic, brass, and sometimes bronze, aluminum. Each material has different chemical properties and will resist corrosion differently. When selecting the elektrozawory consider the material carefully. Plastic can withstand the various type of media, but it performs poorly if the medium is too hot. The metal solenoid valves are better for hot fluids. So, keep this in mind and choose the right type.

Flow rate:

To choose the correct solenoid valve for your operation, you need to how much flow you exactly need. If you have an old solenoid valve with you, then perform and check to determine the required rate. If you choose the one that is too large, then you will air, liquid and money. If the valve is too small, the actuator won’t work properly.

Pressure range:

Pressure values are different for different fluids. Consider the operating pressure of the solenoid valve, exceeding the specified values can be dangerous. It risks damaging the valve, sometimes even bursting it. Also, consider the highest and lowest temperatures level of the valve. Don’t choose the valves whose temperature range goes below zero degrees. Thus, keep these points in mind, it will help you to make a better decision while choosing a solenoid valve.

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